John Almstedt

John's art generally focuses on the variety of natural features around the lake's watershed many of which are of interest to the Lake Clear Conservancy (LCC).  Since its creation in the late 1990s the LCC has stewarded all but the 2 privately owned islands, planted almost 1,000 trees, managed 7 island campsites that hosts approximately 200 campers annually and has conducted several nature interpretation activities.  

Lake Clear is one of the most attractive lakes in the county and deserves to be acknowledged through art.

Rock is one of the features of Canadian Shield lakes and none more so than "Big Rock"
Feather and Turner Islands are typical of the rocky island shorelines.
Even the largely wetland area of Little Lake Clear has a few rocks
An old growth forest still exists in the area between Donahue Trail and Weiland  Rd.
The stone fences of the Opeongo Line mark the ruggedness of the landscape and the gravelly sandy loam glacial till.
Twins Island and water clarity as viewed from Cherry Island
Bluebill Trail pond is one of several ponds and streams flowing into the lake
The wetlands of Hurds Creek act as a natural filter for water flowing from Lake Clear.  Wetlands have very productive habitats and help control water flow and enhance water quality.